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How I Met… My Boyfriend (Who Is A Firefighter)

I have never, ever thought that I could be experiencing a series of seemingly serendipitous events play out, one that ended with me dating a firefighter. What did I do to deserve such a wonderful relationship, something that I thank the heavens for each night as I go to bed? I've been given a blessing: my boyfriend is a firefighter, and he's the best gift I have ever received from God.

Do firefighters make good boyfriends? Hmm. Before I tell you everything there is about dating firemen, what is it like to date a firefighter and the unbelievable relationship perks of dating a fireman, let me tell you a story first. It's part modern fairy tale, but mostly funny and weird in a wonderful way.

You might wonder, "how in the world was she able to meet a firefighter when you can barely see one around the neighborhood?" and of course, the question of "how in the world was she able to get him out of the fire station and into her life?" Well, listen up, because I won't repeat it a second time.

 I was living in a small, one-bedroom home in the suburbs, working two jobs and trying to save up as much as I could for a dream of early retirement. I was your typical 20-something go-getter, a bright, spirited girl who wanted to enjoy life without the burden of 50-hour workweeks and the drudgery of being confined in an office through most of her life. I was really good at my two jobs (which were related), but there's a skill that I really sucked at. I was a girl who can't cook to save her friggin' life! I was living on ready-to-eat food.  

So one weekend me and my girlfriends were at my house and we were doing the usual hangout. We usually go out and eat at a new restaurant, then hit the bar for drinks, but I insisted that I had to cook for them. I decided it was time I learn how to cook, well, at least the basics of it.  In return for sampling my beginner's cooking, they could tell me how bad I cooked and what I could do to make it more palatable over a good bottle of California red. That sounds like a good bargain, right?

I got out the ingredients and made it as far as appetizers. Granted, it was only tossing in a few leafy greens and slathering on some dressing, but the ratio of green-to-dressing was just right. So far, so good! This cooking thing is a piece of cake. I went ahead to make the main dish. Garlic, salt, pepper, what’s a… shallot? Never mind, I don’t have it anyway. So, I turned on the stove and started sauteing the garlic and onions. I thought I should just change jobs ‘cause this is really a breeze! Just watched a Youtube video on sauteing too!  Hi mom, look at me! Then the doorbell rang, and Mindy, my friend came in. She was in tears!

I knew that good-for-nothing workmate of hers will be the death of her, I swear.  She started talking how she got fired at work earlier, and tried to put on a brave face before arriving at my house. Mindy has been my friend for many years and I knew she strived really hard to get this job and now she just got fired because of a co-worker’s mistake. Of course I wanted badmouth the coworker because he’s always been a jerk but I held my tongue and let Mindy do all the talking. Mindy was already smiling after cursing the sh*& out of her coworker when a there was a shrieking noise like a klaxon on full throttle! It was my fire alarm!

Omg! I was cooking! The garlic was a black char on the metal pot! The whole pot was burning like a blazing hell, giving me a giant in-yo-face. Then we heard the sound of sirens, and a fire truck screeched to a halt. Out came the firemen and, dude, they were simply all over the place!

They located the fire and put it out before it got any bigger. One particular fireman turned to me, smiled and explained that the smoke alarm triggers a similar alert on their fire station that helps them send out a quicker response in case of emergencies. That diffused the situation, and I laughed at how silly it was they came over for a burnt garlic.

He had such as smile that captivated my attention, and without thinking, I offered him some salad, to which he graciously accepted and took a quick bite. He then chewed it thoughtfully, and mentioned, "This could very well be the freshest, most organic green I have ever tasted, or I'll take a wild guess that you haven't washed it before preparing it".

My mouth was agape in embarrassment, because I forgot to rinse it! He then learned that I was trying to be a host for our dinner night. Then, he offered "Why don't we meet again and I can teach you the basics of cooking. I'm a pretty good cook myself".

Then, as they say, the rest is history. The benefits of dating a fireman? You can bet your whole shoe collection that he’ll come running when you try to summon Satan with garlics and onions, as they have endless hours perfecting this craft as they wait for the alarm. Dating a firefighter may be a very rare occurrence, but once you have it, then you know that you received something special. I'm proud to shout to the world that yes, I am getting better at cooking and yes, my boyfriend is a firefighter! <3

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